The Alternate Reality Agency

Reality, Defied.

Touch music for the first time, live within your favorite stories, discover unbelievable new worlds.

Technology is reshaping our creative language, forging the next evolution of human expression.

Through alternate realities like VR and AR, we defy the limitations of our own.

Craft experiences that are out of this world.

The agency approach allows us to suit our client’s needs by carefully curating the best ideas and partners to bring the human truth of any project to life.

As the Virtual industry takes over, we launch the highest quality content, powered by innovative technologies, derived from brands, music, and stories that impact a wide audience.

We’re in the business of delight, creating alternate realities that enrich the human experience.

Reality is precious, why settle for one?

Continue the legacy of your brand by enriching traditional content with virtual, augmented, and mixed reality campaigns. These campaigns span creative packages from fully immersive virtual experiences, to 360 content for social media, to augmented reality apps, and beyond.

Let Fever guide the way.

Through the process of development, we take the reins.

In production, we activate technology at the forefront of the industry.

Our financing partners and brand sponsorships fuel the project.

We land the campaign on distribution platforms from location based arcades to mobile apps.

We’ll even draw the map where the audience finds content around existing tours or marketing strategies.

Together we’ll create an experience, a world, a reality all your own. And this is just the beginning.

Featured Project


Takes viewers on a unique music experience flowing through geometric clouds and abstracted landscapes.

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Featured Project

Eye for an Eye

Invites viewers along for an uncanny encounter with the departed.

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